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How Reusable Drink Carrier Bags Are Making The Environment Safer

Eco-Friendly Reasons To Buy Reusable Drink Carrier Bags

Disposable cup carriers and plastics are threatening many aspects of our everyday life. With over 10 million tons of plastics and disposables ending up in the world’s oceans yearly, 80% of which is contributed by consumers, there’s an increasing concern about the plastics we use in our everyday lives.  So what can be done to reduce our plastic use?

One of the simplest ways to do so is by making use of drink carrier bags. Whether you are a business owner selling drinks and beverages, or a consumer at a store purchasing them, reusable drink carrier bags are an excellent option for you, as well as a safer option for the environment.

5 Advantages of Using Reusable Drink Carrier Bags

Reusable drink carrier bags are environmentally friendly, as well as offer several other benefits that make them safer and easier. Outlined below are some of the advantages of using these bags for your drink carrying and delivery needs.  

1.      Environmental Impact

This is probably the most important explanation for why we need them. Reusable drink carrier bags are much better for the environment than plastic bags. Studies have shown that plastic grocery bags contribute to the death of at least 100,000 turtles, one million birds, and several other sea animals that ingest plastic each year. And, although the cost of production for some reusable drink carrier bags may be higher than that of single-use HDPE plastics, the difference is balanced by the fact that the latter is made with biodegradable materials.

2.     Reusable

Obviously, one of the biggest advantages of using reusable drink carrier bags is that they are reusable. You can use them repeatedly to make drinks delivery or carry them with you whenever you go shopping. Thus, you will not need to accumulate and dispose of plastic bags, and be one less person contributing to the millions of plastic bags dumped in the ocean yearly.

3.     Multi-Purpose

Besides being ideal for food and drink businesses, for personal use, a reusable drink carrier bag plays the role of a cup holder, a travel drink holder, a food delivery bag, and a coffee travel tote at the same time. Unlike plastic bags, reusable drink carrier bags are durable, stronger, and can hold more things.

Also, there are a lot more places you can use your reusable drink carrier bag beside the weekly trip to the grocery store. You can use at parties, office meetings, for trips, for storage, to support your favorite brand or event. They can also be used to carry different kinds of liquids from tea, coffee juice, smoothies to beers and energy drinks, and even soups.

4.    Cost-Effective

Reusable drink carrier bags also have the potential to save you money. A lot of cities and states and even grocery stores are starting to place charges on plastic bags. Instead of spending that extra buck on delivering drinks to your customers or at the grocery store on disposable bags, it would be more logical to save money on each trip through reusable drink carrier bags. You would also be reducing the amount of money your city spends on waste disposal. In California, for instance, around $300 million goes into cleaning up coastal litter each year.

5.     Eco-Friendly Promotion

Reusable drink carrier bags are a convenient and useful way to promote your food and drink business or support your favorite cause, as well as express your creativity. Whether you merely buy the most visually appealing bag to match your style, design your own canvas bag that carries your logo, reusable bags are a very useful promotional tool, just like plastic bags. However, they offer the difference of being Eco-friendly and providing longer-lasting promotion.


Compared to disposable plastic bags, reusable drink carrier bags are more Eco-friendly and the perfect choice for keeping our environment safer. If you’re worried about the possibility of the reusable drinking bags building up bacteria over time, you don’t have to, as they are water-proof, and you can wash them clean with water after every use. At Bluevoy, we provide quality reusable drink carrier bags that are economically friendly. Browse through our collections to order yours today!

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