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Insulated Drink Carrier Bags: All You Need To Know To Buy One

Importance of Insulated Drink Carrier Bags

If you own a food delivery business, you must have heard of drink carrier bags that make it easier to carry and transport drinks. But, did you know that there are now insulated drink carrier bags that maintain the temperature of drinks, beverages, and at times food, for hours?

Well, these bags are now available and are perfect for preserving the freshness of your drinks. They are essential for carrying cans of chilled beer or soda, hot cups of coffee, and even sizzling pizzas and deli trays in bulk, to your destination.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about insulated drink carrier bags, including why you need them, the different types available, and the unique features that make them great.

Why You Need Insulated Drink Carrier Bags

Carrying and delivering drinks, beverages, and foods from the kitchen to customers or wherever you need them can be challenging, even when you have the right tools for successful delivery. Things like coffee or pizza could get cold before they arrive at their destination, not to mention they may get shuffled around in their original packaging and spill. Also, items like cans of soda, cups of ice-creams, and jars of yogurt may get hot before you arrive at your destination.

Preventing all of these mishaps is exactly why you need insulated drink carrier bags. Insulated drink carrier bags are versatile additions to any commercial delivery or catering operation. They are also perfect for multiple menu items, and personal carrying needs. They are not just perfect for transporting bottles and cans of drinks, but can also be reconfigured to carry take-out containers, sub sandwiches, fire-grilled burgers, pans of fresh-baked ziti, or even decadent cherry cheesecake dessert.

Types of Insulated Drink Carrier Bags

Insulated drink carrier bags are available in vinyl or nylon exteriors. These materials are both water-resistant, meaning that they are perfect for delivery in any weather condition, from snowy winters to rainy summers.

·         Vinyl Insulated Drink carrier bags:

These carrier bags are great for short destination carrying needs. They are also more affordable than their nylon counterparts, but have a small flaw of not being breathable. This non-breathability makes them trap moisture in the bags, resulting in faster food deterioration.

·         Nylon Insulated Drink Carrier Bags:

Although insulated drink carrier bags made using nylon materials are more expensive than the vinyl ones, they are breathable. This breathability allows steam to escape, ensuring that the bags keep food warm, or drinks cold for longer periods. Thus, if you want to minimize steaming, nylon insulated drink carrier bags are your best choice.

·         Dishwasher-Safe, Insulated Drink Carrier Bags

Insulated drink carrier bags made with either vinyl or nylon can be hand-washed with water when necessary. However, there are also dishwasher-safe, insulated drink carrier bags. These bags can be safely put in the dishwasher at the end of the night, for quick, efficient cleaning.


Top 5 Features of Insulated Drink Carrier Bags

1.      Heavy Stitching

One common feature that the best-insulated drink carrier bags have is that they are stitched heavily. This heavy stitching helps prevent tears and rips at the seams, and of course, it helps preserve the temperature of drinks and beverages.

2.     ID Windows

Most insulated drink carrier bags are designed with see-through windows on the outside of the bags. This window allows you to see what is in the bag for order accuracy and can be used to hold receipts, order tickets, business cards, coupons, and menus.

3.     Metal Racks

Some insulated drink carrier bags feature interior metal racks that make them perfect for high volume and speedy delivery. Although the bags tend to be bulkier than those that do not have these racks, the efficiency at which they deliver usually outweighs the inconvenience of the added bulk.

4.    Runners

Other insulated drink carrier bags feature strong aluminum runners inside the bags. These runners offer superior pan support during transportation, and make it easier to slide pans in and out.

5.     Hawking Openings

There are also insulated drink carrier bags that come with hawking openings that enable you to have easy and quick access to the contents contained in the bag without losing too much of the interior temperature.


Deciding what type of drink carrier bag to purchase, choosing which is best for your needs, and selecting the right style carrier can make all the difference. However, there’s no doubt that you can improve the efficiency of your food/drink business and preserve the temperature of your drinks with insulated drink carrier bags. Check out Bluevoy’s wide range of insulated drink bags to order quality bags today!

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