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Top Benefits & Uses of Drink Carrier Bags

Benefits of Using A Drink Carrier Bag 

Drink carrier bags are becoming increasingly popular, and the go-to bag for every drink delivery or carrying needs. They are reliable, flexible, suitable for a variety of needs, as well as eco-friendly. And, as the demand for more eco-friendly storage and packing material increases globally, drink carrier bags have become even more important. But, what other benefits do drink carrier bags offer, and what are the different ways that they can be utilized? 

6 Reasons To Get A Drink Carrier Bag

  • They Are Easy To Use
  • Drink carrier bags are designed in such a way that you can easily access the inside. They also come with adjustable shoulder straps that enable hands-free carrying, so you don’t have to place the bags on the ground when making deliveries or handing out drinks. Some of them even come with Velcro closures that eliminates frustrating snags and zipper breaks that can potentially slow you down. 

  • They Are Multi-Purpose
  • A drink carrier bag can be used to carry multiple drinks at a time, as well as a cup holder, a coffee travel tote, and a travel drink holder at the same time. Also, you can carry different kinds of liquids with these bags, including tea, juice, water, energy drinks, milkshakes, smoothies, or even soups. 

  • They Can Fit Inside Larger Food Delivery Bags
  • The smaller sizes of drink carrier bags allow you to load them up with up to 6 drinks before placing inside larger food delivery drink carrier bags. This ensures that your cold beverages remain cold and do not spill, all the while sitting next to your packaged food. 

  • They Reduce Cost
  • If you own a food/drink outlet, using drink carrier bags can help reduce the cost of running your business. They are quite affordable and are an economical alternative to trays, shelves, bins, carts, and racks. They are also eco-friendly and last very long, without getting damaged. 

  • They Are Convertible
  • Most of the drink carrier bags in the market can be converted to fit your needs. They usually come with removable insulating drink dividers that allow you to configure them in ways you like. Some of them even come with pockets that can hold utensils, condiments, napkins, receipts, and other small items. 

  • They Are Reusable
  • You can always reuse your drink carrier bag, as they are usually made of cotton canvas, polypropylene, jute, HEMP, RPET, or other biodegradable materials. These materials make the bags sturdy enough to carry items of different weights. So, you can use them to carry and deliver drinks over and over again, without the fear of your bag tearing apart or ripping off.

    Different Ways To Use Drink Carrier Bags

    Whether you are making a coffee run for the office, headed to share a pack of beer with friends at a game, or run a food and drink delivery business, owning a drink carrier bag is a must! Outlined below are the different ways you can use a drink carrier bag. 

  • For Parties & Picnics
  • Drink carrier bags are perfect for serving drinks and beverages at a party. Whether it’s a wedding, dinner night, high school reunion, or a family get-together, these bags are great substitutes for trays. They are also great for carrying drinks to getaways and picnics. 

  • For Drinks Delivery 
  • If you own a food/drink business, you know how tricky it can be to deliver drinks without spilling. Well, with drink carrier bags, you don’t have to worry about spillage and can deliver all sorts of drinks, irrespective of the distance or your mode of transport. 

  • For Grocery Shopping
  • If you have run out of pockets or have your hands full during a visit to the grocery store, these carrier bags can help hold your drinks. They are designed to hold two to six drinks at a time, prevent leakage, and contain condensation, where paper and cardboard holders would not. 

  • For Offices
  • If you run a company, brand, or business where meetings and conferences are frequent, drink carrier bags might be your favorite thing. They would help assistants carry and serve coffee, water, or other beverages with ease. 

  • Other Uses
  • Drink carrier bags can also be used to store, carry, or serve drinks at airports, sports arenas, theaters, BBQs, and convenience stores. 

    Drink carrier bags are a must-have bags for business and personal uses. However, you should ensure that you purchase quality bags that will offer you maximum benefits. Bluevoy is a trusted company that offers different types and sizes of drink carriers in a wide range of designs. Browse through our collection today to order the perfect bag for your needs.


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